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2017 CFDA Officers and Executive Board

2017 CFDA Board

Front Row:
Executive Director John F. Cascio; Board Members David W. MacDonald, CCO;
Jacqueline L. Teske; Albert M. Delucia
Back Row:
Secretary Alexander J. Scott, CFSP; President Robert L. Muccino, Jr.;
Vice President Edward J. Sheehy, Jr., CFSP, CPC, CCO; Treasurer Matthew R. Adzima;
Policy Board Representative Pasquale S. Folino, CFSP, CCO
Not Shown: Melissa Melin-Miles and Howard K. Hill, CFSP, CPC, CCO


Robert L. Muccino, Jr.


Vice President

Edward J. Sheehy, Jr., CFSP, CPC, CCO



Matthew R. Adzima



Alexander J. Scott, CFSP, CPC


Past President

Howard K. Hill, CFSP, CPC, CCO

Hartford & New Haven




Policy Board Member

Pasquale S. Folino, CFSP, CCO

New London & Niantic




Executive Committee

David W. MacDonald



Jacqueline L. Teske



Albert M. DeLucia

West Haven & East Haven


Melissa Melin-Miles

Waterbury, Cheshire, Naugatuck




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Board Member
Summary: Serves as an elected member of a leadership team. Maintains open communication with and exercises personal leadership in the motivation of board members and the membership at large. Takes part in guiding, monitoring and evaluating organizational performance and effectiveness.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend all Executive Committee meetings.


  • Special Committees and task forces to carry out CFDA objectives
  • Delegates out representatives to other organizations


  • Annual plan of work and goals submitted by committees
  • Annual budget
  • Quarterly and year end financial statements
  • Membership applications

Uphold High Standards:

  • Takes appropriate action to suspend or terminate members for violation of CFDA by-laws or nonpayment of dues
  • Recommends and approves any necessary changes to by-laws or governing documents
  • Recommends new policy as needed, reviews policy as recommended by Executive Director, committees or task forces
  • Interprets board policy, when necessary
  • Employs Executive Director
  • Adopts rules and procedures for conduct of meetings, as needed
  • Attends committee meetings, as requested
  • Maintains communication with designated members as Board liaison
  • Employs Lobbyist

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