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Courtesy Discounts by Funeral Homes When Funding Irrevocable Funeral Contracts
Recently, our legal counsel contacted the Dept. of Social Services about a problem several funeral homes were encountering with discounted funerals. Click here to view the correspondence from Atty. John McHugh and the response from the DSS. (members only)

Disclaimer of Warranties in CT
CFDA Attorney John McHugh has researched whether Connecticut Funeral Homes are permitted to disclaim warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or to exclude or modify a consumer’s remedies for breach of those warranties in connection with their sale of funeral goods to Connecticut consumers. Click here for more information and a PDF of the statute. (members only)

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FAMIC Study of American Attitudes Toward Ritualization and Memorialization - Executive Summary (PDF)


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Every day, we face new experiences and challenges in funeral service. Some are specific to the business of providing funeral service to the people in our communities. Still more often we find ourselves in a sea of questions about trusts, taxes, marketing and licensing, or the ever-changing requisites for employees, their insurance, their rights and their responsibilities. These solutions and their resources are the business of CFDA.

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Updated Supplier PPE List for the
Connecticut Funeral Directors Association
Updated May 15, 2020

Download PDF

Recommendations of the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association to Facilitate the Transfer of a Deceased Patient from Hospice, Nursing Home and Home Care Settings
Updated April 4, 2020
Download PDF

Regarding Cremation Waiting Period
 Waived for Ovid-19 Deaths
Facsilmile Signatures or Signatures Obtained
through DocuSign are Acceptable

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March/April 2020 The Associate
March/April The Associate
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How To Package and Ship Cremated Remains
How To Package and Ship Cremated Remains
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CFDA Master Trust Value Worksheet
Download the Value Worksheet PDF


Funeral Trusts and ContractsNEW 2020
Funeral Trusts & Contracts:
Regarding Medicaid & Title 19

   To Order printed copies from CFDA.
   Brochure Pricing.

  Click here for brochure in English.
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CFDA Membership Alert
Effective January 1, 2020, all pre-need irrevocable funeral service contracts must set forth a statutory notice regarding the disposition of unused funds following performance of the contract. The statutory language can either be included directly in the irrevocable contract, or placed on a separate page and incorporated into the contract. A sample form is provided for your review.

  NEW 2020
   Amendment to Prepaid Irrevocable
   Pre-Need Funeral Contract


2020 Dues Statement and Application
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New Connecticut Sexual Harassment Laws
Public Act 19-16 Explained
Download PDF

House Bill No.7424
Public Act No. 19-117

An act concerning the state budget for the biennium ending June 30, 2021, and making appropriations therefor, and provisions related to revenue and other item to implement the state budget.
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CFDA Career in Funeral Service Flyer
CFDA Career in Funeral
Services Flyer

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CFDA 130th Annual Convention, 2018 Legislative & Legal Summary
Presented by Mike Dugan & John McHugh
December 6, 2018 - Download PowerPoint Presentation - Also available in PDF Download

New Form: Authorization and Indemnification Agreement
Please use this to simplify questions when working with a client family regarding SB 467 An Act Concerning the Custody and Control of a Decedent's Body. - Download PDF

New Form: Cremation Fee Waiver Request for Indigent Decedents - Download PDF

CFDA eLearning
Live Webinars, Self-paced Online Seminars
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High School Seniors Scholarship Awards
New Deadline: June 15
Click here for more information.

Mortuary Science Students Scholarship Awards
Click here for more information.

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Connecticut Department of Public Health issues a Revised Certificate of Fetal Death
View a sample copy of the form that has been sent to all birthing hospitals and to the Medical Examiners office. Although the form is revised, the process for completing, filing and issuing the document has not. It still remains a paper-based process.

DSS Reimbursement for Indigent Funerals
An explanation from CFDA Attorney John P. McHugh -
Click here for more information.

OCME Offers Death Certification Tips
Tips to Assist in Keeping Connecticut Vital Statistics Accurate -
Download PDF

Q&A on New White Collar Exemption Rule
by T. Scott Gilligan, NFDA General Counsel

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The Most Common Financial Mistakes People Can Make When They Lose A Loved One View here

CT State Veterans Cemetery Updated Form
Required for Veterans Burial -
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Youth and Funerals Resources

Youth and Funeral Resources.
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To Connecticut Residents from Members of the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association (CFDA):

Update:  March 26, 2020

We are honored to serve our neighbors in Connecticut, and to support them every day by helping families and friends celebrate the lives of people they love.

Our commitment to serve our state's communities remains strong and unwavering amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We continue to operate 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, and stand ready to help plan personal and meaningful visitations, funerals and memorials, regardless of the individual's cause of death.

Our intent is to provide a safe, healthy environment where people can grieve and visit with each other, conforming to the latest directives from Governor Lamont and the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

As of now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Connecticut Department of Public Health, and your local communities have recommended limiting events and gatherings to groups of no more than 5 people. Therefore, funerals or anything related to them should be limited to 5 people or less, including the funeral directors. This means a total of 5 people at any one event - No longer a rotation of people in and out of a room or building at any time.  We encourage families to work with their local funeral directors to create personalized services that are meaningful and safe.

In addition, we continue to work with regional and local clergy who are establishing their own protocols for officiating at and/or holding funerals within their houses of worship.

Gov. Lamont urges Connecticut residents to "Stay Safe, Stay Home." Please remember: If anyone has symptoms of COVID-19, they should please refrain from going out into the public. Staying home not only can speed their recovery and prevent spreading illness but can protect those in high-risk groups. If anyone is experiencing a fever of 100 degrees or more, shortness of breath or cough, we urge that they do NOT attend funeral services, as difficult as that may be. We instead suggest that they send their sympathies directly to the deceased's family, either electronically via the funeral home's website, a home floral delivery if appropriate, or a memorial donation to the specified charity or organization.

Our commitment is to the care and dignity of the deceased's loved ones, to their families we are honored to serve, and to make sure that their friends and relatives stay healthy as they mourn and celebrate their lives.

We remain focused on the highest standards of funeral service and ethics as we all move forward together with our neighbors in every Connecticut town and city.

Alexander J. Scott, CFSP, CPC, CCSP
President of the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association

The Connecticut Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) is comprised of funeral directors at more than 220 funeral homes with hundreds more funeral directors. Founded in 1889, the Wethersfield-based professional association is committed to the promotion and advocacy of high ethical standards in funeral service. This includes the development and presentation of ongoing professional training opportunities for practitioners and educational programs for association members and the public. Contact 860-721-0234.


Thank You Funeral Directors During the Pandemic

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