Every day, we face new experiences and challenges in funeral service. Some are specific to the business of providing funeral service to the people in our communities. Still more often we find ourselves in a sea of questions about trusts, taxes, marketing and licensing, or the ever-changing requisites for employees, their insurance, their rights and their responsibilities. These solutions and their resources are the business of CFDA.

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CFDA Honors 2016 Honor High School Seniors
With Family Support Services Scholarship
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Dues Application (PDF) - The information for the “Membership in CFDA and NFDA is mandatory and results in greater professional strength” is included in the Membership Brochure (the CFDA Member Benefits is included in the brochure).

The Most Common Financial Mistakes People Can Make When They Lose A Loved One View here

CT State Veterans Cemetery Updated Form
Required for Veterans Burial -
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New Developments in Probate
Connecticut Funeral Directors

by Paul J. Knierim, Probate Court Administrator
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New England’s Organ Bank’s Reimbursement Schedule Download here

Funeral Trusts and ContractsFuneral Trusts & Contracts:
Regarding Medicaid & Title 19

DSS Issues with Partially Funded Burial Plot Contracts Read here

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To Advance the Profession of Funeral Service in Connecticut through Public Awareness, Education, Advocacy and High Ethical Standards.

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Courtesy Discounts by Funeral Homes When Funding Irrevocable Funeral Contracts
Recently, our legal counsel contacted the Dept. of Social Services about a problem several funeral homes were encountering with discounted funerals. Click here to view the correspondence from Atty. John McHugh and the response from the DSS. (members only)

Disclaimer of Warranties in CT
CFDA Attorney John McHugh has researched whether Connecticut Funeral Homes are permitted to disclaim warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or to exclude or modify a consumer’s remedies for breach of those warranties in connection with their sale of funeral goods to Connecticut consumers. Click here for more information and a PDF of the statute. (members only)



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