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is produced six (6) times a year--January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October and November/December.  All six issues will be published on this website. Three issues (March/April, July/August, November/December) will be printed and mailed to members and other subscribers. The Associate features articles on political and legal issues, safety concerns, seminars and Association events.


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New Developments in Probate
Connecticut Funeral Directors

by Paul J. Knierim, Probate Court Administrator
Click here for PowerPoint Presentation

Connecticut Department of Public Health issues a Revised Certificate of Fetal Death
View a sample copy of the form that has been sent to all birthing hospitals and to the Medical Examiners office. Although the form is revised, the process for completing, filing and issuing the document has not. It still remains a paper-based process. The form is being used as of January 1, 2018.

New Form to Schedule Veteran’s Burial
This additional form is now required by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs when scheduling a veteran's burial effective 12/2017.

Resumption of State-funded Military Honors
Click here for more information.

Information for Licensed Embalmers/Funeral Directors with Invalidated Conference Exam Scores - Click here for more information.

Temporary List of Contacts for Military Honor Guard for Veteran’s Funeral- Click here for more information.

State Supplemental Funeral Honors Funding Update - Potential State Budget Lapse - Click here for more information.

DSS Reimbursement for Indigent Funerals
An explanation from CFDA Attorney John P. McHugh - Click here for more information.

Music License Only Fee through NFDA

Courtesy Discounts by Funeral Homes When Funding Irrevocable Funeral Contracts
Recently, our legal counsel contacted the Dept. of Social Services about a problem several funeral homes were encountering with discounted funerals. View correspondence from Atty. John McHugh and the response from the DSS.

Disclaimer of Warranties in CT
CFDA Attorney John McHugh has researched whether Connecticut Funeral Homes are permitted to disclaim warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or to exclude or modify a consumer’s remedies for breach of those warranties in connection with their sale of funeral goods to Connecticut consumers.
More information and to view the CT statute.

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